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Current position: Back homeā€¦, in Switzerland
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15.07.2010: New Newsletter

In our almost 7 weeks in China, we traveled thousands of kilometers and got to know manifold faces of this huge country: From a hectic pace in the big cities to a mind-blowing hospitality of a Tibetan nomadic family.

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14.07.2010: New Pictures

From Beijing to the border of Nepal - our last part of our trip around the world. During our time we started to appreciate China and Tibet a lot and the best way to communicate was Swiss German...

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27.06.2010: New Newsletter

We were impressed in Cambodia by the ancient temples of Angkor, in Malaysia by the thievish orang utan's as well as the versatile unterwater world. The Philippines made us very happy with good local beer, nice beaches and ship wrecks from WWII.

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11.06.2010: New Pictures

In Cambodia the temples of Angkor, in Malaysia Orang Utans as well as world class diving and the Philippines with beautiful beaches and wrecks from the World War II.

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21.05.2010: New Newsletter

A trip into another world - welcome to Myanmar! Ahead of everything a staggeringly cordial and generous population. In addition men in skirts, oxcarts, slow train and boat rides as well as constant control through the regime.

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28.04.2010: New Pictures

Myanmar - an impressive country with incredible friendly and cordial people. Traveling is exhausting but the stresses and strains of our one month journey through Myanmar were definitely worth it!

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11.04.2010: New Newsletter

In Singapore, the second part of our trip around the world began: We will travel through southeast Asia and China. Here the first newsletter from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Thailand.

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03.04.2010: New Pictures

Pictures of our start of the second part of our trip: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and relaxing beaches in Thailand's south as well as Bangkok.

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24.03.2010: New Newsletter

From one paradise into the next - or from the Easter Island to French Polynesia. In contrast to this our continuation to the big cities Auckland and Sydney.

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07.03.2010: New Newsletter

Our time in the natural beauty of Patagonia as well as Buenos Aires, Uruguay and the gigantic Iguazu waterfalls.

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