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Current position: Back homeā€¦, in Switzerland
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About goneaway.ch
Last updated: 19. January 2016 - 18235 Clicks - Enable Print View
The idea about goneaway.ch
By the end of 2002, the idea about goneaway.ch was born as I, Andri Arn, was preparing myself for my first big trip. I wanted to give the people back home the chance to follow my endeavours and experiences and started to program the first version of goneaway.ch. On my further trips and trips of good friends, the site has steadily grown with pictures from all around the world. Today, there are almost 10'000 photos online which by the Feb 2016 have accumulated clicks of 19'000'000!

Chronology of goneaway.ch
2002: The idea about goneaway.ch was born end of 2002 during my preparations for my first big trip
2003: The first version of goneaway.ch was programmed
2004: The site was further developed and opened for friends
2005: Todays layout was born as well as performance improvements achieved
2006-2008: Minor updates
2009: For the upcoming trip around the world, I reprogrammed the heart of the page for much easier handling during the travels, the concept and the layout stayed the same
2010: Minor improvements during the trip

Questions, remarks, improvements
Please use the contact form for questions, remarks or improvement ideas. Thank you!

See ya, I've gone away.
Andri Arn
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4. January 2011 | Iris Sigrist said...
1. July 2010 | Ellen said...
Andri, (Ellen & Walter, whale watching in Ecuador!), when we have 'I' we do take time to enjoy catching up on your adventures. Some really fabulous photos! We both love the way 'goneaway.ch' works from a 'manipulative viewer' point of view. It is BRILLIANT and we think you should obtain at TM and market it! Nice Work! Take Care... Ellen and Walter S/V Soltara
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