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A journey around the world...
Last updated: 12. October 2009 - 10559 Clicks - Enable Print View
Cabarete, 21 July 2009, 34 degrees Celsius

Here we are, at the airport of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. As we had booked a package holiday, a cab driver is waiting for us in the arrivals hall with a plate inscribed with our names. He will bring us to Cabarete. The world tour has definitely begun. We, Corina and Andri, will travel up to one year around the world. According to the saying: The journey is the destination. Last fall, first ideas about a trip around the world popped up in Corina's head and started to fascinate Andri more and more as well. The main route was soon decided to be South America first and then Asia. But where should we learn Spanish in order to travel South America? We were thinking about a warm place with a surf spot! That's how we came up with Cabarete.

Cabarete is a small town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. As people who have been endowed with certain abilities from birth onwards, Cabarete has nearly perfect conditions for surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers. This has led to the fact that Cabarete has become very touristy and of course the prices rose at a high level for the Dominican Republic. Good for us, bad for the sellers, there were few tourists in town due to the crisis. "La crisis", as we received as a response to our questions, why there is such a few people and why there are so many unfinished buildings. Although Cabarete itself is not really big, there are many restaurants, small shops and countless Motoconchos. The formula for the latter is simple: bike + rider = Motoconcho. Because of the heat, we got to know these motorcycle taxis pretty well. Although they have fixed prices, they are quite flexible for tourists... 

Every morning we had 3 hours Spanish lessons in a small school. In the afternoon we learned kitesurfing, thus leaving us the evening for homework, and our days went by quickly. We unfortunately did not have the opportunity to learn much more about this green and joyful land. The highlands are beautifully green and may even have ice in the highest parts during winter time. A small piece of these highlands, we could admire on our way back across the country to Santo Domingo. After a brief tour of the Zona Colonial, we boarded our plane to Miami and Quito, from where we will fly to the Galapagos Islands.

See ya, we've gone away.
Corina & Andri
Pictures to this article:
Pictures of our 3,5 weeks in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Mainly learning Spanish and Kite surfing... - View pictures
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20. October 2009 | Sandra said...
Bravi! Posso provare solo grande orgoglio per la vostra fantastica iniziativa. Un grande abbraccio!!! Sandra-Gandria

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