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Current position: Back homeā€¦, in Switzerland
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Several times happy reunion, palpitations and spicy, spicier, the spiciest
Last updated: 12. April 2010 - 10464 Clicks - Enable Print View
Bangkok, Thailand, 5 March 2010, 37 degrees CelsiusPetronas Towers

"Welcome to Asia", it said at Singapore airport. This was the start of the second part of our journey around the world. The beginning could not have been better: At the airport we were picked up by Wei, a friend from Singapore, and brought to Marc and Minja, where we could enjoy their great hospitality for 6 days! Our time in the city-state was filled with many joyous reunions with Swiss and Asian friends who live in Singapore or, like Claudia, who just started her tour around the world. Just arrived, it was again time to board a bus for Kuala Lumpur. In the Malaysian capital, we were greeted by Tracy, a local friend, and could enjoy a variety of culinary delights, such as rice on a banana leaf with 7 different curries... Extremely interesting for us were Tracy's statements to her life in different cultures: Malay (Muslim), Chinese, Indian, ... It was also fascinating to watch her changing languages according to her dialog partner!

Tup Kaek Beach, ThailandEven more than in Kuala Lumpur's heat, we sweated when we arrived at the airport in Kuala Lumpur. Without a visa for Thailand one has to present a return flight ticket upon check-in for a flight to Thailand. Since we did not want to specify our travel plans a month in advance, we invented a potential return flight and put it on a piece of paper ourselves. The expected that the lady at the check-in wanted to see the confirmation. But we did not expect that she would check our reservation in the system! She searched for a few minutes, then she told us that they could not find our reservation! What a surprise! But the next sentence made us sweat: "Without a confirmed return flight I unfortunately can not make a check-in ...!" We played the stupid tourists and blamed our travel agency that booked the flight for us and we did not know what they had done wrong. As our flight would take off soon they checked us in and told us to go immediately to the office of the airline and get a confirmation for our return flight to the Thai immigration. So we walked into the office of the airline and wanted to buy a return flight. Unfortunately for the airline, luckily for us, the system was down and could not issue tickets, so they gave us a fictitious flight ticket and sent us to the gate with the Final Call. Thus We were back where we started - with an imaginary flight ticket in the hand, but this time officially issued by the airline so that the entry into Thailand was not a problem ;-)

Corina diving Beach on Koh Rok Sunset on Koh Lanta

Sunset on Koh LantaIn the land in the top 3 on our global food hit list we plunged right into Phuket Town's Night Market, to fill our plates with spicy food until our tongues hat no more feeling... Next on the island of Koh Lanta we felt like home, because we met Corina's mother and Claude who came to visit us for 2 weeks. The reunion after 7 months was accordingly happy. The week on the beach, we enjoyed very much because we were a little tired after 4 major cities in a row (or it was the many reunions that had to be celebrated?). In the second week we explored south of Thailand by car. There were many touristy beaches, but we still found somewhat authentic corners, where we all felt a lot better. As always, when the company really fits, time was running and the 2 weeks were over very fast. There we were again, only the two of us, sitting on the train from Surat Thani to Bangkok. Our main goal, besides (guess what??) meeting local friends, was to obtain the visas for Myanmar and China. That there is a Buddha's Day and a Burmese farmer Day, we know now, because we stood for 2 consecutive days in front of the closed doors of the embassy (no, there was no sign at the door!). But the third time the door opened into the country with the military regime, so we were ready for the trip to Myanmar...

See ya, we've gone away.
Corina & Andri
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Pictures of our start of the second part of our trip: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and relaxing beaches in Thailand's south as well as Bangkok. - View pictures

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