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Current position: Back homeā€¦, in Switzerland
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Unlawful entry, 100 tons, and THE paradise
Last updated: 25. March 2010 - 12020 Clicks - Enable Print View
Sydney, Australia, 29 January 2010, 38 degrees Celsius

Ahu Tahai"You are unlawfully on this plane, grab your hand luggage and come with me!" ordered us an employee from ground staff at the airport of Santiago de Chile as we already were sitting in the plane and waiting for take off with direction to Easter Island . "How and why illegally on the plane? We do have a ticket..." we asked ourselves. Quickly, we packed our bags and followed the employee off the plane. Still totally confused we asked outside what the problem was. "I explain it to you later, now come with me immediately" the clerk replied. Following him, he told us that we did not do immigration for Chile and the police would not let us take off with this plane! "One second!" we said. "We arrived by plane from Buenos Aires and followed in your aiport the sign 'Connecting Flights'! Immigration for Chile will be on Easter Island since it also belongs to Chile...". - "That was exactly the mistake you made, instead of following the 'Connecting Flights' sign you should have followed the sign 'Immigration'!" the guy snapped at us. "And what is going to happen now?" - "Next flight!" - "But the next one is tomorrow!" - "Your problem, the plane will fly without you." Starting to fully understand the situation we became energetic. Finally, after a long back and forth (and knowing that our luggage was loaded on the plane) the border police showed mercy and made an exception so we could do immigration on Easter Island... What a farewell from the mainland of South America!

Moais factoryThe reception on Easter Island was all the more heartfelt. With a floral wreath around our necks we were welcomed and inaugurated in the history of the island and its Moais (the stone statues). The island is small enough (and 3'000 km away from the nearest inhabited island!) so that the world still seems to be OK (but everyone is really related to each other)! Thus, our 3-day stay became an unforgettable experience and we understand very well the travelers which describe the Easter Island as a "magical place". Many of the some 900 Moais are still standing in the "factory" outside or inside a volcanic crater and were covered up to their neck covered with earth by landslides over the years. The largest stone statues are incredible 22 meters high and over 100 tons! It is estimated that producing took about one year and the transport of the Moai to the coast (where they are standing on an altar facing the island) another one to three years... By exploring the island, stunning sunsets behind Moais, exquisite fish and seafood as well as the extremely friendly locals our three days on the island passed over far too fast. Yes, but already the next flight took us into the next paradise: French Polynesia. After the landing of our small aircraft on the island of Huahine we first were taken by our host to the market where we obtained supplies of fresh fish, fruits and other food. Then, we drove with a small boat to "our" island which has only two bungalows for guests...

Motu Mahare - a paradise Our bungalow Fresh coconut

Sydney Opera HouseKim and Walter, the cordial hosts on Motu Mahare, have built her pension with great attention to detail and even decorate the bungalows with fresh flowers every day. The floor in our bungalow was like the whole island just sand, the guest kitchen (the guests cater for themselves) is well equipped and the palm trees full of coconuts so that there is never a shortage of fresh coconut. For us it was a paradise to relax: Lying at the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, feeding colorful fishes or fishing with Walter and enjoy afterwards a cooking lesson... But there were also moments of fear like when Corina was woken up by a thick crab running over her leg. Who of the two had the bigger shock remained unclear ;-). After a week on our dream island with no other guests we were faced with cool weather in Auckland (New Zealand). The city, however, had a relaxed atmosphere, friendly citizens and many green areas. It seems that there are two main main water sports in Auckland: sailing and surfing. Thanks to that we could also enjoy the World Junior Surfing Championship! In Sydney, a city lot more famous for its surfing, we met Benno, a good friend from Switzerland whose hospitality we greatly enjoyed. With him and his local colleagues we celebrated Australia Day (Australia's National Day). Having hot weather we enjoyed many beaches, BBQ's and the usual attractions of the city. Yes, after the South American experiences our start into Oceania was pretty relaxed ;-)

See ya, we've gone away.
Corina & Andri
Pictures to this article:
Everybody told us that the Easter Island is a magical place - now we know why! Additionally photos from our little paradise in French Polynesia as well as from Auckland and Sydney... - View pictures
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6. April 2010 | Sandra said...
wow, senza parole..che esperienza indimenticabile.Ma eravate soli su Rapa Nui? Unici voi e gli statici Mohai? Bacioni Sandra

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