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Galapagos, football in the church and drunken officers
Last updated: 8. November 2009 - 11908 Clicks - Enable Print View
Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, 17 August 2009, 20 degrees Celsius

Hammerhead SharksAfter our 3.5 weeks in the Dominican Republic the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador were the next country on our trip list.
Arriving in Quito, we were already happy about our Spanish skills. We heard a lot about Quito and criminality which was highlighted by the armed security guards in the hotel (on our second visit to the city of Quito, we got to know and appreciate the good side). The next morning we flew from Quito into the small Puerto Ayora on the Galapagos Islands. Puerto Ayora is located on one of the larger islands, called Santa Cruz. With a few thousand inhabitants, and 1,000 kilometers away from the mainland, this place is very cozy. We knew that the place is designed for tourists. But when we saw a colorfully illuminated, flashing and music playing train, loaded with children driving down the streets, we were alarmed by the excesses of tourism, and were glad to be able to enjoy the silent underwater world the next day. Our first dive was with 16 degrees Celsius, our coldest. With 7mm wetsuit, hood for the head and shoes, that was a new experience of diving. But we were rewarded with playful sea lions and 15 Hammerhead Sharks peacefully floating above our heads.

Our boat SambaAfter two days diving a 7-day round trip on a ship called the Samba was waiting for us. Our group of 13 people on the boat was great, in addition there was unique landscape and wildlife, so that the trip was a huge success. Many animals live only on the Galapagos islands and each island offers other animals and plants. There is turtles that swim from Australia or Southeast Asia to the Galapagos Islands because of the perfect place and extra food and stay for a few years (they can be up to 90 years old and 250 kg heavy). We do not try to continue at this point to describe the Galapagos Islands and their uniqueness, as this can be done much easier through photos. Since the animals have no natural predators in Galapagos, they are not shy, so you could step on a sea iguana as they do not move...


The 9 days on the Galapagos Islands gave us so many impressions, that we had to digest them. This is what we did back on the mainland in a small surfing village called Montanita. During the week this was a nice and relaxed place with a good infrastructure. Speaking of infrastructure: The fact that football is sacred in America, we already knew. But that it is so sacred that 20 men watch football on a big screen in the church was a new insight for us ;-) At the weekend, the music played 24 hours, therefore we opted for a quiet fishing village 20min in the north. Ayampe contains 150 people and a handful of small hostels. In our hostel with 4 rooms, we were treated by the landlady as their own children. This hospitality is probably only possible in a small town with no tourists. Similarly, the following: we want to eat dinner at a small restaurant. The owner, topless, is drinking beer with 2 cops. We are entering the restaurant, the owner puts on a shirt and the police officers leave - with 6 more bottles of beer under the arm for the night shift ... Later came another 2 men that needed beer supplies. They have already drunk heavily and came by car, they drank another 2 large bottles of beer each, and left later driving zigzag (the street lamp just missed by a bit) into the night. Buenas noches. 

See ya, we've gone away.
Corina & Andri
Pictures to this article:
Fotos from our Galapagos trip: 2 days of diving and 1 week on a small boat. A very impressive place with animals and plants you can not find elsewhere! - View pictures
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13. November 2009 | Mathias Belter said...
Hey andri und corina,
ich hab mit viel freude eure reiseberichte und fotos bestaunt, wahnsinn. ich hoffe ihr könnt mir, wenn ihr wieder da seid, einige geheimtipps verraten. ich plane ab dem nächsten jahr 4 wochen unbezahlten urlaub pro jahr am stück zu nehmen und so schritt für schritt die welt zu bereisen. lieben gruß


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