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Definitely worth to support: Kantha Bopha children's hospitals of Dr. Beat Richner
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Child in Dr. Beat Richner's Children HospitalIn Cambodia, 3,200 Cambodian children would die each month without the hospitals of Dr. Beat Richner and the free treatment he offers... 80% of the population of Cambodia has an average income of 0.5 USD per day and can not afford to pay any medical help. Dr. Beat Richner has been working in Cambodia as a doctor and hospital director since 1991 and operates today five hospitals. In 2009, 84,000 children were hospitalised, 740'000 outpatient treatments, 580'000 children vaccinated, 16'100 surgical operations performed, 15,000 births accompanied and DAILY 3,000 families received education on health.

We, Corina and Andri, admire the hard work and commitment of Dr. Beat Richner and its 2,200 local staff. Therefore we are contributing our small part and try to make this work known to a larger public.

Child in Dr. Beat Richner's Children HospitalOperating costs are annually 24 million USD. The biggest part is financed by private donations. 50% of 24 million USD is used for drugs, 30% for the wages of the 2,200 Cambodian staff, 15% for medical supplies, oxygen, water, electricity etc. Just 5% are used for administrative tasks.

All services are completely free in the five children hospitals of Dr. Beat Richner. 95% of Cambodian families could not afford medical help at all. The “Kantha Bopha” hospitals are therefore the only chance for the children to grow up healthy. As mentioned, the largest part of the budget is financed through private donations. If you feel you like the Cambodian children will be extremely grateful for your donation!

Further information and details on donation opportunities:
Homepage of Dr. Beat Richner: http://www.beatocello.com

See ya, we've gone away.
Corina & Andri
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27. June 2010 | Ursula Arn said...
Es ist so wichtig, dass junge Leute sich interessieren für das immense, selbstlose Lebenswerk eines Beat Richner. Sie tragen etwas von diesem positiven Werk in die Welt hinaus und machen es bekannt. In der Presse liest man weiss Gott nicht viel darüber, was mich sehr ärgert. Kinder, die Not leiden, haben eben nur eine leise Stimme!
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