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Current position: Back home…, in Switzerland
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Corina & Andri around the world
Days travelled so far: 360... - we're back home!

Current position: Back home…, in Switzerland - Google Map

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Mini Blog of Corina & Andri
16.07.2010: After 360 days "on the road" around the world we arrived today back home in Zurich. Our year was extraordinary... 99% joyful and we learned a lot about the world and ourselves. Now it's time to face "real" life again ;-) Thank you a lot for all the support, we hope you enjoyed our webpage! We've gone back home... Corina & Andri

10.07.2010: Our journey through the "autonomous" region of Tibet took us in and around Lhasa in interesting monasteries with many pilgrims. We further passed by snowy mountains before arriving at Mount Everest Base Camp at 5'150 meters above sea level. From the calm Tibet we went further into the chaos of Kathmandu where we were welcomed by friendly locals. Today we will fly to Hong Kong to spend our last days on our trip around the world with party and shopping...

24.06.2010: The scenery was beautiful, the road a catastrophy: Our two-day bus ride through the beginning of the Himalaya led us from Shangri-La via Xiancheng and Litang to Kangding. We went further to the grasslands of Tagong, where we enjoyed the life far away from civilization with Tibetan nomads. Today we will continue to the big city of Chengdu before we will travel through Tibet into Nepal.

16.06.2010: In Dazhai expected us the probably most impressive rice terraces of China which we explored by foot for 2 days. After that, we felt it was time to gain some altitude: From Kunming we went via the old (or perfectly reproduced old-looking) villages and Lijang Dali to Shangri-La. There we were lucky because we could join just after our arrival the annual horse race.

01.06.2010: We enjoyed in Beijing the impressive sights in the center of the city and hiked 10 km on the 6'000 km long Great Wall. A train brought us within 24 hours to Guilin to the famous limestone pinnacles. We went further to Yangshuo on a bamboo raft where we explored the beautiful nature with mountain bikes.

See ya, we've gone away.
Corina Steiner & Andri Arn
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15.07.2010: New Newsletter
In our almost 7 weeks in China, we traveled thousands of kilometers and got to know manifold faces of this huge country: From a hectic pace in the big cities to a mind-blowing hospitality of a Tibetan nomadic family.
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14.07.2010: New Pictures
From Beijing to the border of Nepal - our last part of our trip around the world. During our time we started to appreciate China and Tibet a lot and the best way to communicate was Swiss German...
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27.06.2010: New Newsletter
We were impressed in Cambodia by the ancient temples of Angkor, in Malaysia by the thievish orang utan's as well as the versatile unterwater world. The Philippines made us very happy with good local beer, nice beaches and ship wrecks from WWII.
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11.06.2010: New Pictures
In Cambodia the temples of Angkor, in Malaysia Orang Utans as well as world class diving and the Philippines with beautiful beaches and wrecks from the World War II.
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21.05.2010: New Newsletter
A trip into another world - welcome to Myanmar! Ahead of everything a staggeringly cordial and generous population. In addition men in skirts, oxcarts, slow train and boat rides as well as constant control through the regime.
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New comments
Mmmmm! Delicious!

Sälber gfangä?
Wunderschön !
das känni doch ;-)
Mathieu (canada):
I love this picture, god job Andri
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